Monday, November 3, 2008

But I like the color blue

It took a little longer than expected but I now know what color I am. Reading the rest of NCD's The 3 Colors of Ministry and taking The Three-Color Gift Test didn't actually take long. It was more about a few other things going on this weekend.

Once I finally got around to opening the book again, it went pretty quick. Here's the basic info on how the gift test works:
* 180 questions where you rate on a scale of 0 - 4
* 30 questions that someone else that knows you rates 0 - 4
* Some basic math to get 2 scores for each gift category
* A couple of charts so you can translate scores into category ranks
* Discovery of your potential 3 - 5 Manifest (active) gifts and 3 - 5 Latent (inactive) gifts
* Reading descriptions about each of the gifts (30 in all)

It probably took me around 15 minutes to go through the 180 questions, scoring, and ranking. If you need to find someone to answer the other 30 questions, it could take you longer. (I had folks at the house that were willing to help me out.)

So, the results?

Manifest gifts:
1. Giving
2. Wisdom
3. Shepherding
4. Knowledge
5. Service

Latent gifts:
1. Evangelism
2. Helps
3. Discernment
4. Mercy
5. Leadership

(I did 5 gifts in each area because of how they grouped.)

Once you have your gift list, there is a small chart that has each gift according to color. Once I ranked mine, I found out that I have way heavy in Green and Red gifts with only one gift in Blue. And it was a latent gift.

As you can recall from the picture at the right, that puts me pretty heavy in the "Creator" and "Jesus" areas and leaves me out of the "Spirit" section. According to the book, I've got wisdom and commitment, but little power.

So, from here, I'll be reading up on what the book has to say about the gifts I've identified as my potentials here. After that, I'll be back to round out the review of the book and let you know what else will come out of this process.