Thursday, November 20, 2008

16 Things

Thanks to the examples set by Steve and Janaki, I've got 16 things...

  • I am an only child.

  • I married a Jersey Girl who isn't anything like a Jersey Girl.

  • My first job was with my Dad making teeth (crowns and bridges).

  • I'm a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

  • I attended the University of South Carolina and Clemson University (graduated from Clemson).

  • I regularly drink coffee but I don't really like coffee.

  • My Mom and Dad are young as far as grandparents go.

  • My Dad has had the same job for 40 years and I have had 4 jobs in 15 years.

  • I love photography and graphic arts but I don't think I have much talent in these areas.

  • I am addicted to reading and am currently in progress on 4 separate books and 2 magazines.

  • I want to be better at sharing my faith but usually hesitate when the chance comes.

  • I once won a $10 gift certificate for being the fastest person to eat 5 saltine crackers and then whistle (it's harder than it sounds).

  • I also won a free pitcher of beer at Hooters because I was the first to name the hometown of KC and the Sunshine Band in a contest. (Hint: go here for the answer)

  • My first car was a 1967 Camaro SS/RS that needed a LOT of work.

  • My next car was a gold-ish 78 Toyota Celica hatchback that didn't need a key to start it.

  • I get bummed when I don't get many (any!) comments on my blog posts.

So now it's your turn... Put up your 16 things and leave me a comment to your post.



pwp said...

Thank you for inspiring me to also post 16 things. I was upset when I read about the Camaro, thinking you had left out the key less Corolla. Then I just giggled!

Anonymous said...

How do you start a car with out a key? Before my time, I guess!

Bubba said...

With this car, it was a breeze to start without a key. Anything that would fit in the key slot on the steering column could be used to start it. And it didn't even need a key in the ignition to keep running.

Honestly, it was the best feature of the whole car...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Anonymous said...

I just posted my 16 things after I read my dad's. Check it out!

Bubba said...

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your 16 Things. I appreciate you and your dad's involvement in the blogger community.


Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by and let me know about your 16 random things. It's a great way to get to know people.

It's a shame you couldn't patent the keyless starting - you would have been ahead of your time.