Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Positive Results

It's Tuesday and, even with all the election stuff going on, it's time to be positive.

I'd like to point out someone that I think is making quite a positive impact. I've "gotten to know" this fellow through blogging and Twitter but we've never met in person. That's still a little strange to me on some level, but I'm getting over it rather quickly...

Anyway, I follow John on Twitter and love reading both of his blogs: human3rror and ChurchCrunch.

John is so obviously passionate about doing God's work that you can't help but smile. The thing that really makes that great is the way he pours that passion into the things he has been gifted by God with. From what I know of John, he is very talented when it comes to web-based technology (esp. Web 2.0) and is constantly digging into (and even building) technology for the purpose of serving God, promoting God's kingdom, and building up the Body.

If you are interested in technology, passionate people, examples of practical Christianity, and the like: go follow John on Twitter, read his blog, and join the conversation with some comments.

John's passion has inspired me of late to try to bring more of my gifts and talents to bear for the purpose of building up the Church and spreading the Gospel. I'm off to a slow start but I think I'm starting to make some progress.

So, thanks John. Keep doing what you are doing. You're reaching a lot farther than you might see.


Kelly said...

Awesome--praise God for all things!

John said...

the community spurs me on brother! that's why i love me some community.

i'm glad i can be used to encourage you... there's so much need for more people to engage... so don't stop!