Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cool technology. Also? Useful

The video below is a free 30 second clip that I made using Animoto. What is Animoto? I'm glad you asked. is a site/application that allows you to make video slideshows using pictures and music you choose. The engine inside Animoto, with very little prodding from you, "analyzes" the music and mixes the pictures and effects with the music to produce the video. With a free acount, you can make 30 second videos like the one here. Long videos are $3.00 USD and you can even download or order DVD quality copies of your videos.

So, side from the cool factor, what is there? Well, I think this tool can be very useful for lots of people. I'm specifically thinking about how we can use it in our church. We don't really have a media budget but have had more interest lately in how we could use it. Animoto provides an effective means of creating the content and a low-barrier-to-entry way of making it available. We're looking at creating a few slideshows as "bumpers" for some presentations coming up. I'll let you know how it goes.

How do you think you could use something like Animoto in your church or in your business?

(Hat tip: human3rror)


John said...

word. love the example. animoto is pretty cool, but i have yet to have it be on the tip of my brain when i need something like that... which means that I won't be using it until.. well, i dunno.

thx for your thoughts on parenting and passions... woot on the soccer, ftw.

Bubba said...

John, thanks for the coment. I hear ya on the "tip of the brain" thing. I just happened to need to make some short slideshows for "bumpers" when I came across the tool.

I need to find a better way to categorize these one-off tools so that my brain can find them when the need comes up.