Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What color am I?

As part of the "Long Range Planning" group for our church, we're looking at how we might use a spiritual gifts survey/assessment to help connect people to ministry, each other, and ultimately to God.

We've been talking about several of the different surveys out there (and there are a lot) and we decided to try out the NCD's The 3 Colors of Ministry book.

As the title suggests, it has something to do with 3 colors. There are three main areas, each represented by a different color, that correspond to the 3 parts of the Trinity. Ok, here's a better way to show it:
The concept behind the circle and colors being that each part of the Trinity has a different "focus" if you will with associated gifts, tendencies, etc. For example, the red area, representing Jesus, has a focus on service and commitment while green, representing God the Creator, focuses on working and wisdom.

After a brief intro to get you familiarized with the approach and the areas, the book has you find your starting point based on a self assessment of how well you feel a certain set of adjectives describes you. This should lead you to one of six starting points. Each of these starting points has most of your concentration in either one of the colors or a blend of two colors.

So, I did this assessment to find where I'm starting. And I came out almost dead even across all three colors. There isn't a starting point for that one. I continued reading ahead thinking I had somehow messed up the assessment when I found these words:
it might be that you are among the 4.6 percent who have a relatively "balanced" diagram with basically the same score in all three areas.

OK, it looks like I'm special (just like my Momma told me). But wait, there's more...
If this is the case, you shouldn't conclude that you have already reached your goal; this just tells you that there is no dominant problem area. In other words: Growth in each and every dimension would be beneficial for you.

Hmmph! Special alright...

Well, I'm not done with it by a long shot. I haven't even started the assessment for the actual gifts themselves. I hope to get that done in the next day or so. I'll come back and post the results and a further review of this resource. You can preview the book from the NCD site here (PDF).

In the mean time, have you ever done a spirtual gifts survey? What were the results?