Friday, September 24, 2010

Weigh-in 53 & 54

Encouragement. Accountability. Education.

These are some of the key things that come to mind when I think about a "community of believers." I use that phrase deliberately instead of saying "church" because, unfortunately, those two terms aren't always synonymous.

I attend a church where I often get education in the form of sermons or Bible study curriculum. I am finding that I am missing a good bit of the other two items I mentioned: regular encouragement in my faith and accountability.

I don't say this to lay a bunch of blame on this church or the folks attending or working there. Just about every church where I know people that attend have folks that say the same about those churches. I say this because I think there is A big hole left in the spiritual life of many people that their church just isn't filling.

I have had different "communities of believers" over the years. Most of the time these folks tied in with where I worked. That's mainly because my non-family time for most of the past 20 years has been spent working. It's a little sad, perhaps, but it's true.

I often got incredible encouragement from the folks in these small communities. We would have Bible studies but most of the time it was in the everyday interactions with each other that this really happened. Also because of these interactions we could feel comfortable sharing with and confronting each other when necessary.

That thought might scare some people but it is really a good thing. The people in my life that have had the most positive impact on me are those with whom I could share who I want to be. This allows them to help me through encouragement (there's that word again) and accountability. When they see me acting counter to what they know I want to be, they can offer insight and correction.

This comes from love and not from an authoritarian position or a "I'm better than you" kind of thing. It's a pretty rare thing, though, I'm finding...

Why am I writing about all this? With the switch to the small start-up company back in May I went to a schedule where I work at home or in a place like Starbucks most of the time. That tends to be somewhat isolating. Paired with a very small company, I don't have the same level of interactions that I used to have that helped build that community.

And I miss it. And I haven't found a good way to get it back...

On to the reason that most of you stopped by... the numbers.

We traveled last week so I didn't have access to my "official" scale for a weigh in. I did step on the scale this morning. The numbers were:


Half a pound in 2 weeks. 4lbs in about 6 weeks. Kinda discouraging compared to my earlier progress and my upcoming goal deadline (210 in 2010). Also a bummer when I feel like I've been doing well with the nutrition side of things (less than 1700 calories per day).

But, I've completely slipped off the running routine. I need to get back to regular exercise to make progress, I believe. Looking for tips and encouragement for running motivation.

We are up to $174 in pledges for so far. Still trying to get to $210 and then to $420 to get the matching funds. Please give if you can. Every little bit helps and gets doubled.

Until next time...

Photo credit to slagheap.


Anonymous said...

You just need more people that you have worked with in the past to show up and support you. Or call. Or go to a lunch. We try, just doesn't happen all the time. Keep your chin up buttercup. Look on the bright side it's football season too. And just remember, if it were easy everyone would do it.

Bubba said...

I agree. Would be good to get together more often with folks that know me well.

My lunch schedule is pretty open about 3 days a week. Call, email, text, tweet, facebook, comment here, smoke signals, carrier pigeon... Most of those tend to work.

Let's get together.