Friday, September 10, 2010

Weigh in 52

Yeah, I can't count it would seem. I know last week was #50 but this week marks the one year mark from when I started this whole deal. So that makes this the 52nd weigh in...

One year. Wow. So fast and yet so slow. Big changes and little ones too.

An example of a big change is the 90+ pounds I've lost in that year. Another big change in these 12 months is the move from the "steady as she goes", 40 hour work week of a government contractor back to the fast-paced, change on a dime, way over 40 hour week life of a start-up technology company.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes for me is what I've learned about the plight of some 27 million people that are enslaved today. The fact that, yes indeed, there are people in our advanced, enlightened world today that are held in shackles of slavery. Women, children, and men that are being used and abused daily and denied basic God-given rights.

A year ago I didn't know anything about the human trafficking going on. I didn't know that it was happening right under our noses here in the US and many times in plain sight.

As the summer of 2009 came to a close, I didn't know a thing about and their work for abolition and restoration.

I didn't know anything about End Slavery Now and their New Underground Railroad.

I hadn't talked with John or Aaron a year ago to know about their hearts for ending modern day slavery.

In general, I didn't know anything about human trafficking and I was definitely not trying to do anything about it.

Now, a year later, I don't think I've done a whole lot but I'm in the process of doing something. With help from friends and strangers, we've raised several hundred dollars for the cause. I know it doesn't sound like much and, on its own isn't going to change the world.

But, to borrow a phrase, no raindrop ever feels like it is responsible for the flood. That is, very big things are often made up of lots of very small things. And a couple hundred dollars can turn into a huge resource if we can multiply it by getting more people involved.

And that's where you can help with some big changes for the upcoming year. Please find a few dollars that you can part with to help fight slavery. I'll help get you started on the multiplying part too.

If you can give at all, just let me know how much you can pledge to give to this year. When I get to $210 in total pledges, I've got someone who will match it and multiply the total to $420.

If I can raise a total of $420 in pledges to, then another wonderful person will multiply it again so that the $420 in pledges totals $840 that will go to fight slavery and help restore those freed from it.

So, please think hard about what you can do to help "the least of these" that are enslaved and suffering today. Leave me a comment on the blog, email me, talk to me on twitter, or hit me on facebook to let me know you can help and how much you can pledge.

Onward and downward. I weighed in today, of course. I've been getting wrapped around the axle a bit about only losing about 2 lbs in a month. I got used to the progress and now the plateau is eating at me.

So, in an effort to cut down on Friday morning disappointment,  I had convinced myself that there wouldn't be much change this week. I stepped on the scale and saw


Wow! Wasn't expecting that. Dropping 2 pounds this week definitely exceeded my expectations. Here's hoping that the plateau is behind me now and it's back to heading down the hill again...

Photo credit to Scott Robinson.