Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fundraising Info

Ok, a rare mid-week post.

I stirred up some discussion over on facebook about the cause and raising som funds for them as part of "210 in 2010". Many folks were asking about Love146 and how to donate or get involved. So I figured one place to put all the info might help.

Here goes:

The organization is and you can find out all about them at

The quick scoop is that they are an organization dedicated to stopping human trafficking, getting victims out of slavery, and restoring their humanity once rescued.

Love146 is involved in main different areas of the abolition movement but one that really sets them apart is their dedication to the aftercare of victims. Their "Round Home" in the Philippines is a safe haven for survivors of child sexual exploitation and trafficking. It is"uniquely built and designed to facilitate the restoration and holistic health of every child entering its doors." (More info here)

As for how to get involved, it's pretty simple:

1) Let me know how much you wish to pledge/donate. This can be public or private - totally up to you. I won't be sharing names/info of the people pledging. Only the grand total of pledges. You can email me, send me a message on facebook, write or comment on my FB wall, @ or direct message me on twitter, or leave a comment on this blog.

2) Go to (this is for donating US dollars - to donate in other currencies go here) and make your donation directly to before the end of the year.

There are a couple of optional steps:

3) Browse the online Love146 store and purchase some cool swag. This helps fund the cause and raise awareness - the cool factor is just a side benefit...

4) Become an abolitionist - visit to find ways to get involved. You can also check out End Slavery Now to join the fight.

So there you are. If there is anything else you might like to know, please let me know and I'll do my best to help out.

See you on Friday...


Anonymous said...

Count me in for $50.

Bubba said...

Very happy to do just that, my friend.