Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weigh In #37

A little Freedom Friday post (a little late) for you this time.

The picture above (courtesy of Rob Morris @ROBLOVE146 co-founder of is of the Love146 Round Home. Dr Gundelina Valazco (the Director of Aftercare for describes the Round Home concept:
My idea of a safehome is where we nurse the bird’s broken wing.  If we do well with our nursing, then the bird should be able to fly again and out of the safehome, and soar to the heights it was meant to reach. If it casts a glance at the safehome again, then it should be from above, among the clouds of its achievements.
 Love146 established the Round Home as a way to provide restoration and healing to girls freed from sexual slavery. Go over to the Love146 Round Home page to find out more about the amazing work being done there and some awesome pictures and video of the Round Home.

In my quest to help raise money for and make a better life too, I weighed in on Friday morning. I'm getting really close to the original goal of 80lbs. This week's weigh-in was:


One more pound down. Two more to go. Then it's on to 210. Any help is greatly appreciated....