Monday, March 29, 2010

Weigh In #28

Well, last week I made the announcement that I was going to start doing some running. One week later I'm here to tell you that I survived the first week of 5K training... As I mentioned back then, I said I was going to use the Couch to 5K training program so that my oldest daughter and I could run together and enter (and finish) a 5K on our way to the 10K Cooper River Bridge Run next year. Not only has my daughter finished the first week but my wife has joined in as well and she completed the first week of the program too. I'm very proud of them!

For the last 28 weeks I have been using the Daily Plate over at to plan and track my eating. The site also lets you track you fitness and exercise. They mash-up with Google Maps to let you plot runs/walks/bike rides (called "loops") and then do calculations on the number of calories burned in doing that loop (based on walking/running/biking speed and some specifics about yourself).

I have to admit, I was kinda disappointed when I plugged in my stuff for the first 30 min workout and saw that it burned less calories than I took in with my Chick-fil-a salad at lunch. But you have to start somewhere...

And on that note, here's the latest weigh in info:


Movin' on down... (sung to the tune of "The Jeffersons")

And the greatest thing about that number going down is that it keeps the pledge number over on the right side of the screen movin' on up. Every pound I lose towards my goal is another couple of dollars pledged to in the fight to end human trafficking in our country and in the world.

I have pledged $1 per pound lost and I have a couple of amazing friends who have added their pledges as well. There is still room for more pledges. If you feel called to help free children and adults from real slavery, please leave me a comment below, email me, find me on facebook, or get me on twitter (@scbubba) and let me know. I'll add you to the roles and put your pledge in the tally.

You can also give straight to right now. You can click here to DONATE at their site. Or you can use a text message to send $5 immediately to Enter your cell number in the box "Text To Give" box in the right hand sidebar and go from there. Any amount is good and greatly appreciated.

Slavery is very much alive and operating in our world today. It is a reality for around 27 million people in the world today. Each year about 17,500 children are trafficked into the United States and forced into commercial sexual exploitation.

It doesn't have to be this way. It can be stopped. We need your help.

Photo credit to saavem.