Monday, March 22, 2010

Weigh In #27

Well, I know there's no way to compete with all the health care reform news and noise today, so I'm keeping this week's Weigh In post short and sweet...

Things are slowing down in the weight loss area for me it seems. I stepped up on the scale this morning and, while I saw progress, it's not much. Today was:


That's a pound from last Monday and gets me ever so close to the 60lb mark. I keep reminding myself "slow and steady wins the race."

Which is a not too awkward segue into the next mini-topic here: a race. More specifically, the Cooper River Bridge Run. I've lived in Charleston for almost 13 years and never had anything to do with the Bridge Run before: never ran in it, never participated in any of the festivities and activities. As a matter of fact, we have intentionally always avoided the downtown and Mt Pleasant areas the weekend of the event because of the traffic and crowds, etc.

Well that's going to change. But not this weekend (the 2010 Run). The pledge is to run in the 2011 Bridge Run with my oldest daughter. For many of you, this doesn't seem like a big deal. And it probably isn't for a lot of you. But for a 40 year old man who was recently well over 300lbs and hasn't run much more than his mouth in over 15 years, it's a goal.

This week my daughter and I are starting the Couch to 5K interval training program. I've heard wonderful things about it from friends who have used it before (and are using it now). I'm pretty excited about it. And that's a huge turn around from what you would have heard me say a year ago...

But I don't want this to be just about me. I'm still committed to the cause of helping to stop human trafficking in our lifetime. I haven't said much about it in the past few weeks but it still weighs on my heart. I, and some generous supporters, are donating money based on how much weight I lose. You can see in the right hand side bar the counter that keeps up with the amount of money pledged to so far. I will continue this pledge until at least the end of October, 2010 (when I turn 40).

Some where over the next couple of months I plan to introduce a new pledge based on the running program, too. Keep an eye out for details.

If you would like to offer a pledge to help, then please leave a comment below, or email me, or find me on twitter (@scbubba) or facebook.

Photo credit to TumraNeedi.


Mary Beth said...

I am encouraged by your dedication to fitness. Heard great things about the couch to 5k plan as well. I think you'll enjoy running as soon as you see the benefits. Then you'll understand the 'fun runs' concept. Love that you're doing this with your daughter!

Keep inspiring us.

Bubba said...

Thanks, Mary Beth. I'm keeping an open mind about running. That's big move for the guy that used to respond to people talking about how far they ran with "Who was chasing you?"

As always, I appreciate your encouragement and support. UNLG!

Rose said...

You're doing a great job! Keep up the good work!
The Bridge Run sounds like fun and a good goal to aspire towards. Thanks for the link because I think I may begin to use it. I am fit but want to become a better runner.

Bubba said...

Thank you, Rose. I'm pretty excited to get started running. My overall "plan" is to get into a couple of 5K runs this summer and at least one 10K in the fall/winter time. All leading up to the Bridge Run next Spring.

Of course, I need to start the workouts first! :-)