Monday, February 1, 2010

Weigh In #20

I moved weigh ins to Monday so that I would have time to write a blog post without rushing or crowding out other things on my schedule and I'm still late... Mercy!

Anyway, I was pretty encouraged with what I saw this week on the scale. Especially after declaring Friday night and all day Saturday as "free" days. And by "free" I mean Five Guys cheese burger and fries (but with a Coke Zero!), 12 buffalo wings with blue cheese, a few handfuls of Jelly Belly jelly beans and an unknown number of helpings of other "bulk candy", a chocolate praline and a regular praline, a heaping bowl of shrimp and grits, and hot crab dip in a sour dough bread bowl. I stopped journaling Saturday's food when I got to 1000 calories over my daily goal. So I stepped up Monday morning and...


I will definitely take that. And, given the way I felt after the Friday/Saturday binge, I think I'll be skipping the over indulgence next time. It is amazing how things can change. In the past, a day like Saturday wouldn't have phased me. I mean, I probably would have felt just as bad afterwards but I think I was so used to feeling that way that I expected it and just figured I had to live with it.

These last 20 weeks have really brought clarity to what living intentionally means. I'm not nailing it in every aspect of life by any means. But in this area, I have been (and still am) making very intentional choices about the things I eat, the things I don't eat, and many of the things I do related to my diet and health. It's an area of life that I do have a lot of influence on, if not some amount of control as well.

I noticed that I am 2 lbs away from hitting the 50 mark (271). That's something I wasn't convinced would happen many weeks ago. But now I'm so close...

So I'm making this challenge to you, dear readers (both of you...): I challenge you to do one of two things today. Either comment below on how you are (or have been) living intentionally in some area of your life OR make a pledge to by leaving a comment below. If you choose to donate to (by clicking the DONATE button on the right) between now and whenever I post a eight at or below 271lbs, I will match it dollar for dollar!

I believe that it is only by having the intentions and then following through with them that we will put an end to the living hell that is slavery. So, please, go check out and see what they are doing and find a way to help....

Photo credit to ede_design.


Mary Beth said...

Bubba - you continue to inspire me. Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing your journey with us. *UNLG hugs* mb

Glenn Hair said...

Awesome job Bubba! You inspire me as well! Proud to be one of your 2 readers. I'm trying to be intentional at being a better father, after my first 2 failures. I'm focusing also on speaking words of life, instead of death, which is my nature!

Bubba said...

Mary Beth - thank you so much for the kind words. It's great to have such support from you and the UNLG community.


Bubba said...

Glenn - I'm daggum glad to have you onboard, brother. Thanks for the encouragement and for sharing your intentionality.

Being a dad is one of the scariest things in the world to me. But it is also one of the greatest. I am trying to be much more intentional about how I parent and especially in how I work on the unique relationships with each of my children.

Thanks for sharing,

Rose said...


I am learning how to be more intentional with everything I do, because I realized recently that even reading makes a huge difference!