Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weigh In #22

Well, this one is actually a weigh in post (even though I am a day late - but I was busy doing some reading). I got my battery problem resolved and we are back in action with a working bathroom scale. Now, on to solving that world peace thing....

For those of you that followed (that is, got spammed by) my facebook and twitter feeds last week you know that I was doing my best impression of a USAirways airplane inspector for the Southern region. I did the math on the trip last week and it came out something like this:

6 planes to 5 cities in 4 states over 3 days is 2 much for 1 man = 0 energy left

I woke up on Tuesday morning in Charleston, SC and went to sleep on Tuesday night in Clearwater, FL. I woke up on Wednesday morning in Clearwater, Fla and went to sleep Wednesday night in Austin, TX. I woke up on Thursday morning in Austin, TX and, after some wrangling with the airline about changing my tickets, went to sleep on Thursday night in Charleston, SC. It was really good to be back home.

I got home just in time for my middle daughter's 8th birthday. I love other people's birthdays (especially my kids) but it did make it hard to stay on track with my diet over the weekend. I did have some cake on Saturday with the birthday girl and enjoyed some really great pork ribs at her birthday dinner (thank you Sticky Fingers). Of course, there was some snacking on the cookies and candy that made it to the party as well but I tried to keep it light.

All in all, I feel like I broke even for the weekend. It's hard to tell since I didn't have a weight for last week and I'm comparing to 2 weeks ago. For what it's worth, here's what the newly powered scale showed me this morning:


That brings me to a total of 55lbs lost since I started back on September 10th, 2009 - 22 weeks ago. And it adds to the total amount of money pledged to help out the wonderful work of the folks at Love146.org.

Please, if you haven't ever thought or heard about the realities of present day slavery and human trafficking, go over to the Love146.org site and look into it (Note - the linked pages contain adult themes and actual accounts of sex slavery). But instead of cursing the darkness, help light the candle of hope by helping Love146.org. You can contact me (by commenting below, emailing me (seekingafter@scbubba.otherinbox.com), or finding me on twitter @scbubba) and pledge any amount you like (most folks pledging do $1 per lb I lose). Or you can donate directly to Love146.org by using the DONATE button over on the right. You can also pray for the people working around the world to rescue the victims of human trafficking and restore them to a real life.

What ever you choose to do, thank you in advance.

Photo credit to mvcosta.