Monday, February 8, 2010

Weigh In #21

Um, I guess I shouldn't have titled this one "Weigh In" since, well, I didn't weigh in this morning. I mean, I tried to weigh in this morning but I was stymied (that's a real word, right?) in my attempts by the smallest of things: a battery.

The one little battery in my bathroom scale completely foiled my attempts to find out how much I weighed this morning. Something that weighs less than 1 oz! Seriously...

Unfortunately, the battery in my scale isn't like the one in the picture above. Instead of a AA or even a AAA (even a good ole 9 volt would have helped), my scale has one of those round, flat oversized watch batteries in it. I don't even know where to go buy one right now (but since I watched the Superbowl lat night I might try that "Google" thing out...).

So instead of going on (well, going any further) about my scale and battery situation, I'd like to point you to someone who isn't letting small things stop her. Say hello to my friend Rose... She has decided that she will do what she can to help the people of Haiti even though there are a lot of things that might stop her (money, age, travel, etc).

Please jump over to Rose's blog and find out about the Read-a-thon that starts Feb 12th. All of the proceeds are for Compassion International's efforts in Haiti.

Go ahead and commit a little change to the cause too....

Photo credit to amab7.


Anonymous said...

Awww...Thanks for the publicity, Bubba!