Monday, January 25, 2010

Weigh In #19

Ok, no sooner do I make myself feel better about letting the big boys handle things in Haiti than Shaun King (the guy in the picture above) goes and proves me completely wrong.

Shaun is an amazing man who pastors a church in Atlanta, Ga called Courageous Church. He and many of the members of the church and local community did some amazing things to help out the people in Atlanta who were affected (in some cases devastated) by the flooding there last year. He has also become a strong voice and advocate in Atlanta.

But when the earthquakes hit Haiti and we all started to see the aftermath, Shaun reached way beyond just Atlanta to find a way to help. Using mainly twitter, he was able to do things that many of the large relief ad charitable organizations just couldn't in short time. Shaun rallied people and arranged support and supplies needed in Haiti. He got people from all over the country involved and arranged for some of them, primarily doctors, surgeons. and nurses to get to places in Haiti that no one had reached yet.

Fox News, and then other news outlets, covered the story of how a pastor in Atlanta managed to direct aid to an orphanage in Haiti were one elderly woman was trying to care for one hundred or so injured and dying infants. His efforts even got a US Army medevac flight in there.

My hat is off to Shaun. The man has been gong nonstop it seems and he is helping people make a real difference. Check him out on his blog, Shaun in the City, and on twitter @ShaunKing. If you can, lend a hand....

One programming note, I'm moving weigh-ins, and the accompanying blog post, to Mondays now. With travel and such I find that I'm often not home on Friday mornings and when I am home I am usually trying to rush the blog post so that I can go to a small group meeting. So, Monday it is...

Here's what I saw when I stepped up on the scale this week:


Whew! Happy for some more downward movement in the numbers. More importantly, I am feeling great. Thank you to all my friends and family for the amazing support you have all given me. I'll need much more of it as I go forward. 47 lbs is a lot but I'm looking at almost that much more to go. Yikes...