Monday, January 18, 2010

Weigh In #18

First, let's get the weigh in stuff out of the way. On Saturday, the scale said


Now, moving on...

I know I'm not the first one to blog about the situation in Haiti nor am I the only person to feel heartsick about what the people in Haiti are going through. But I have been basically wrecked since hearing about it, seeing the pictures and watching the videos coming out of Port-au-Prince and the surronding areas. I've tries to think of ways that I could personally help out. That included grand visions of flying to Haiti and doing all sorts of things to make the world better for the survivors.

But the reality is... I have no skills or equipment or contacts or knowledge that would really help out on the ground in Haiti right now. So my family and I have decided to do what we can to help those folks that do have all of those things that will make a difference on the ground there. And, above all, we are praying. For the survivors in Haiti. For the families of those missing or killed. For the people sacrificially giving to help the Haitian people. For the families of the volunteers putting themselves out there (and in harms way).

At first, it seemed like so little to do given the magnitude of the devestation in Haiti. As each day has passed, prayer has come to feel much more important.

I've got no incredible insights to share or great plans to unveil. All I can offer at this point is the promise that God is with the survivors and volunteers. And that God is weeping with those who have lost so much and rejoicing with the families of those that were thought lost but now have been found. (Thanks to for helpful devotional thoughts and prayers).

Photo credit to fireball45.