Friday, July 16, 2010

Weigh in 43

14 years ago today.

I got up and went to work like any weekday. I talked with my coworkers about plans for the weekend and plans to maybe go out on Thursday night. Nothing out of the ordinary for a bunch of young 20-something professionals.

14 years ago today.

One of my friends at work told me that a mutual friend was playing on a women's soccer team in Virginia Beach. She told me that they wanted a coach and was wondering if I might be interested. I agreed to head across the water to watch them play that evening.

14 years ago today.

They won there game. Maybe 5 to nothing. The details of the game don't stand out as much as the events after the game do.

14 years ago today.

That night, I was introduced to the lady that became my best friend and then my loving wife and the wonderful mother of four amazing kids.

And it has been such a great journey ever since. I love you, Kim.

14 years ago today.

And time for a weigh in update too. 14 year ago I was at 233lbs. Today I weighed in at


Hard to believe I'm getting close to my college days...

One step closer.

Photo credit to Bahugala.


Mary Beth said...

Happy Anniversary! What a lovely post. And congrats on the success of your weight loss.

Hope you have an amazing week with God!

Bubba said...

Thanks Mary Beth!

Angela said...


Bubba said...

Thanks Angela! I love the word priceless. Kim is priceless and there is absolutely no way that I deserve her...

Rachelle (Rose) said...

Awwwww...too cute!

Bubba said...

Thanks Rose! And congrats on your being published once again...