Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weigh In #31

I've been noticing a lot more discussion around the web, facebook, and twitter about the fight against human trafficking and slavery. I'm very encouraged by the number of people I see that are being very outspoken on the matter and the number of people working with and contributing to organizations fighting the good fight.

Along with Love146.org (which most of you know I try to support and promote), here are some other resources for information and activism in the fight against human trafficking:

These folks have been a wealth of information and motivation for me as I get more into supporting the fight.

But recently, one person has really hit home with me. Anne Jackson (aka Flowerdust), took a trip to Moldova and Russia to look into the darkness that is the sex slave trade there. With video and blog, she shines light into some of these dark places. Please take a moment and go read her post, The Sex Cafe, now...

This sort of thing is not happening only in far away places or cities you may not have heard of. It is happening in nearly every country (and, yes, it is here in the USA. A lot.) and that cafe in Moldova could just as easily be in your city.

Help to fight back! Check out the people above and see how you can get involved. Or visit Love146.org. Or pledge here to support Love146.org. I'm donating $1.00 per pound I lose until the end of October 2011. Some other folks have been generous enough to also pledge (either set amounts or per pound). You can see the current total of pledges over on the right hand side of this page.

It may feel like one person can't fight something this big. But when we join together, how in the world can it stand against us?

So this week I've added to the total pledge amount by dropping a few more pounds. The scale on Monday morning stared back at me with this number:


After 6 months I get just as excited about how the numbers for Love146.org pledges are going up as I am about my weight going down. It's kinda crazy how having a focus beyond yourself can be so motivational and invigorating.

The desire to be a part of something is ingrained deep within us, I believe, and is a part of the image of God that we each carry. God has a purpose for the individual and for the corporate Church as well. We are individuals and members at the same time.

So come on and be a part of all this... God knows we need you.

Photo credit to procsilas.


Rose said...

"God has a purpose for the individual and for the corporate Church as well. We are individuals and members at the same time."
Kind of like weaving a thread, huh? :)

Bubba said...

Rose - it is "exactly" like weaving a thread.... :-)