Monday, April 12, 2010

Weigh In #30

30 weeks.

That's how long I've been at this drive to lose weight. It's half way through the initial time line I set (80lbs in 60 weeks before I turn 40 years old: 80-60-40). And I'm feeling good. Not just about how I've done on this journey so far, but physically I feel really good.

I also added in the Couch-to-5K (#c25k) training program that has me out running/walking for about 30 minutes each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. It's been good to have an exercise goal to go along with the diet stuff. I haven't joined the ranks for the "I Love To Run!" folks yet, but I'm starting to see how such a tribe might exist... But I've got a ways to go. I'm repeating the Week 3 workouts this week because I didn't feel like I was ready to move on to the more demanding Week 4 runs yet. Slow and steady, right?

So, here at the half-way mark, how am I doing against my 80lb goal? Well, I weighed in this morning and saw this:


Another pound ticked off the list. Bringing the total up to 65lbs lost since I started back in September. With 30 weeks to go, I've toyed with changing the goal. 240lbs isn't the final goal Im shooting for. It's simply the waypoint I wanted to hit by the time I'm 40 years old. My target after that is somewhere below 220lbs. I'm not sure exactly where yet.

I'm looking for some help in determining what my "goal weight" really ought to be. Of course there is the BMI calculation but that seems like a pretty arbitrary way to do it (especially if you read something like this...).

So, for the mean time, I'm focused on 240. After that, who knows...

Photo credit to C.W. Cohenour.


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