Friday, December 18, 2009

Weigh In #14

It has been an interesting week. I thought Thanksgiving was going to be tough on me and the weight loss goals I set. Turns out, that was just a scrimmage. The Christmas season is like the playoffs. Between holiday parties, "cookie exchanges" at the office, gifts of sweets and breads at home, and a general deluge of seasonal treats being offered by restaurants, it has been tough trying to stick to a plan. Well, a plan that doesn't include a gallon of hot chocolate and half of a chocolate chip cookie pie....

I managed to make headway despite all that...


But today, that just does't feel that important.

As you may know, I've gotten very interested in the work that is doing (here at home and across the world) in freeing people from very real slavery and helping to restore them to freedom in the world. Salvation and restoration. What wonderful words to me, a person not chained up and abused, not forced into prostitution, not threatened with harm to my family, not stolen away in the night and smuggled into another country.

What incredibly amazing words are salvation and restoration. Why do I feel this way? Because the incredible folks at are doing for these victims of human trafficking what Christ has been doing for me: freeing from the bonds of slavery and restoring to freedom and love. The chains that I had might not have been the ones made from steel and hooked to a wall, but there were chains on my soul nonetheless. I may live in the Land of the Free and of Opportunity, but I am being restored to a life of freedom and promise that far exceeds what the USA can offer in the end. Just as Christ is working in me, is working for over 1.2 million children that are trafficked each year; for the 100,000 children here in the US who are forcefully engaged in prostitution or pornography each year; for the over 27 million people who are enslaved worldwide.

So, I ask you, can you get involved in even the least way with the work that these wonderful people are doing? Join me in supporting today. I'm giving $1 per pound that I lose until the end of October 2010. There are a couple of people who have agreed to sponsor me as well. You can see the current total pledged over in the right sidebar. There is also a button for you to donate directly to if you want to go that route.

If I haven't been able to convince you to help out, please listen to some people that are more knowledgeable than I am. Go over to the site and get the facts for yourself (* some of the information contains adult themes and actual accounts of sex slavery).

Photo credit to samplediz .