Friday, December 4, 2009

Weigh In #12

One good thing about having traveled for Thanksgiving is that we weren't hip-deep in leftovers the week after. The bad thing about traveling for Thanksgiving is that we weren't hip-deep in leftovers the week after. Actually it worked out for the best. Since I was gone on travel for work most of the week, it didn't affect me either way. OF course, traveling itself has its own burdens...

This time wasn't quite as bad as traveling last month. I had direct flights both ways (Woo Hoo!), left Tuesday morning and came back Thursday night. It was easy to get exercise while in DC - you walk everywhere... I easily got in 3 or 4 miles of walking each day.

But the meal situation can be a bit rough. Thanks to the travel schedule and some unforeseen events on Tuesday, I didn't get a chance to eat until dinnertime in DC. That wouldn't have been too bad but I found out we were all going to a "small plate", or tapas, restaurant that served Greek, Lebanese, and Turkish fare. I love that kind of food... I was starving from not eating that day... And you usually have to order A LOT of things at a tapas place to really have dinner. This was adding up to some high calorie and expensive dining...

It worked out really well with 5 of us having dinner there. There was a good selection of items that I could choose from and still keep things reasonable. And the check came in under $30 for each of us. And I didn't have to stop somewhere to get food on the way back to the hotel.

Wednesday was more reasonable during the day. The shops and restaurants by the building we were in were open and we had a chance to go to a place with a great salad/hot bar. Dinner started to look challenging as we went to an Italian restaurant. But I found a nice tuna steak with veggies on the menu. It had avocado and a "robust green sauce" that was amazing. So I was able to avoid the pastas, the bread, and the oil at dinner and salvage the meal.

Thursday was a work and travel day. I managed to get some fruit for breakfast before checking out of the hotel and going to work. Lunch found us at Wendy's (we were out of downtown DC by this time) where I snagged the usual Mandarin Chicken Salad. Dinner came with options that included Atlanta Bread Company. So it was the familiar chicken salad on sourdough.

In the end, when I stepped on the scale Friday morning, I was anxious to see if I was able to move the numbers from the past couple of weeks. So...


Whew! Must have been all the walking...

I'm glad the number went down for a few reasons. First, I'm back to losing weight. Second, I get to add to the pledge amount for again. And third, I picked up a new sponsor last week so I get to add double to the pledge amount this week! Gotta say thanks to God for friends like that.

Remember, I'm still looking for others to partner with me on raising money for This organization is fighting against human trafficking, helping to rescue those enslaved, and restoring hope and life to those freed from this bondage. See some of the stats from below. You don't have to lose weight yourself (but you can if you like). All you have to do is pledge some money based on the weight I'm losing (like $1 per lb lost between now and the date of your choosing), pledge a flat amount, or donate directly to You can even do something else of your choosing, even for another cause. Just please do something for those in need!

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