Friday, October 23, 2009

Weigh In #6

I issued a bit of a challenge to myself last week. I got below 300 (albeit just barely) and stated that I wouldn't just accept that goal as a stopping (or even a pausing) point. That was last Friday. Two things happened that day that I thought might have an impact on that claim.

The first was that I found a whole pint of Ben & Jerry's Phish Food ice cream in the freezer while getting something out for the kids. Phish Food is, by far, my favorite ice cream in the world! The chocolate ice cream, the caramel, the fudge fish pieces. Oh my.... I couldn't resist. I scooped out a bowl for myself and enjoyed the decadence. And then I wallowed in the guilt.

But thanks to the daily plate journal at, I was able to adjust for all the extra from the ice cream and keep my daily calories almost reasonable for the day. The knowledge of where I was for the day and how much was in the ice cream kept me from doing what I had in the past. Namely, justify going overboard for the rest of the day because I had already "wasted the day" by having the dessert. I suddenly felt a little less guilty.

The second thing I learned last Friday was that a chicken salad sandwich on sour dough bread (with no cheese) from Atlanta Bread Co has only about 400 calories. I love those sandwiches and finding out that I could easily work one in as a meal was a great find... Of course, since I've had 3 of them this week, I might try to find some other options for the next few weeks.

Anyway, I weighed in this morning. Working from 299.4 last Friday, I had visions of Phat Phish as I walked to the scale. I stepped up and waited for the display....



And that means more money pledged to from me and those wonderful souls who have agreed to pledge as well. You can see the current pledge total over on the right side bar. You can also donate straight to using the "Donate" button there as well. I pray that you will consider helping the fight against the human trafficking going on in our cities today.

Until next week.....

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Brant said...

Great work bro! Keep it up!