Friday, October 2, 2009

Weigh In #3

Here it is, the end of the 3rd week of my 80-60-40 and campaign. That means that this morning is a weekly weigh in. I've already gotten to the point where I'm nervous when I get out of bed on Friday mornings. Mainly because I'm thinking how disappointed I'll be if I have gained weight or stayed steady. But there is also that expectation that I may have lost over and above the 1 - 2lbs I'm targeting each week. But I go step up on the scales each Friday...

Before I get to this week's weight, I want to urge you to learn more about and to please prayfully consider helping support their work to free people enslaved in human trafficking and help them get new lives. Click on the picture below to watch a short video that tells the story of (including where the name came from). It is very powerful:

As you may know by now, I am pledging to donate $1 per pound that I lose. This week I had one partner join me and pledge some money as well. If we can get just a few more folks to pledge something, anything, we can snowball this into a significant donation to help support the work of Remember, I'll do the work and you'll get the credit... So just call me, email me, facebook me, or @ me on Twitter to let me know what you want to pledge.

Now, on to the scales...

Last Friday when I loked down at the readout on the scales I saw 310.1lbs. That was a lose of 2 pounds for that week. I stepped up this morning hoping for something like that to happen this week. When I looked down I saw 305.0! That's 5 more pounds this week bring my total so far to 16lbs! Talk about feeling giddy.... I had to keep quiet because there were a house full of sleeping people that, while probably happy for me, would have been quite grumpy to be awake a 6:00am...

This week was harder than previous ones. I'm not sure exactly why but some of it was probably because there were a few days where I didn't plan for meals as well and was caught at work and hungry. I now have a couple of boxes of granola and fruit bars in my desk drawer along with some dried cranberries and raisins. Those can help me get through those times when otherwise I might grab a sugary snack or a soda.

My wife and kids have been a big help too. Their support has been awesome! And to see how, in just these 3 weeks, my kids are starting to think about the choices they make for food (sometimes) is very encouraging. I have also been lifted by the support and encouragement I have gotten from folks that I didn't even know read this blog. I've been stopped by folks in the hall at work and at church by people that say "Great job." or "I'm proud of you." because they see what's happening here.

The support from my friends that connect with me online has been wonderful as well. Emails, messages in facebook, and the replies and DMs in twitter really make my day.

To all of you I want to say a very heartfelt "Thank You" for supporting and encouraging me.

I look forward to hearing from you. See you next Friday!


Stephanie & Andy said...

We are VERY VERY proud of you! Way to go, Steve!

Greg said...

Way to go! That is GREAT news. I'm hoping that my next weigh in will start back on the downward trend. :-( This past weigh-in was disappointing for sure.


Jennifer said...

Hello - I work for Love146 and this blog came through to my email on a google alert. Just wanted to say that I think this is amazing what you are doing and to encourage you as well! We look forward to the continued updates! On behalf of the children we serve, thank you for adding your voice as well as taking action to bring about abolition.

Bubba said...

Thanks for the encouragement, my friends!

Bubba said...

Jennifer, thanks for dropping by and thank you for the encouragement.

Most of all thank you and the rest of the folks you work with for the amazing work y'all do to help the people trapped and enslaved.

My family continues to pray for and the people that you have helped and will help.

Thank you.