Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Seeking. Knowing.

Last year (2006) I kind of had a "Come to Jesus" time in the Fall. Things were really starting to pile up at work and at home. Stress levels in relationships, and most especially within me, were getting to a boiling point. I hadn't really thought about God in any real way for years. Perhaps decade or more.

And to tell you the truth, I wasn't thinking about him in Fall '06 either. But I was getting really close to hitting the bottom, I felt.

Through what I believed to be serendipity, or good karma, or whatever, I received unexpected financial help that helped us get some footing underneath us again. Not attributing this to God's plan, I pretty much just heaved a sign of relief and went back to tackling life one emergency at a time.

I pretty much went on this way until Spring '07. I met a fellow that was doing some contract work for my employer. He was a nice guy, kinda funny most times (of the Ha-ha variety). In talking here and there, I learned that he is a Christian. And a pretty daggum strong one it seems...

I got interested in Jesus suddenly it seemed. I started reading 'Mere Christianity' by C. S. Lewis and decided regular attendance at our church would be better than just the here-and-there attendance we had before. I downloaded sermons from other churches and even tried to get a Bible study going once a week at work.

What I really started to discover was that I was getting to know about God... but I wasn't getting to know God. Through the fellowship with other Christians, I started to see the differences between those two things.

Now, I'm working on knowing instead of knowing about... More to come on that.