Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weigh-In 65

No grand truths or profound insights this week (have there been any before?) just a reminder that there are people, perhaps in your town or city even, that are not looking forward to this day.

And I don't mean they have something difficult to do or they are tired or they have to go to a spouse's office party where they don't know most of the people.

I mean that they face slavery, cruelty, torture, and/or abuse today. They will face the very real choice between wanting to live or die today. In truth, that may be the only choice that is theirs today.

For about 27 million people in our world, today is one day closer to hell.

But you can help change that. Today, you can make a choice to do something about it. I'm asking that you make a choice today to help Love146 end child slavery and exploitation.

I'm asking that today be one day closer to the day where we don't have people in slavery any more. Will you help today?

You can learn more about the issue over here. And you can donate directly to Love146 right here.

Let's make today a great day....

Speaking of days, the number of days left in the year is ticking down. And I'm trying to get the number on the scale to do the same thing. This weekend I did manage to get it to


So, a little move back in the right direction. And with 3 more weigh-ins before 2010 ends, I gotta find a way to move it some more.

We shall see....

Photo credit to Clearly Ambiguous.