Friday, November 13, 2009

Weigh In #9

It feels strange to say it, but this week has been busier than last week. I mean, I didn't travel anywhere this week or do anything crazy. It was just the normal work-a-day of job and life. It's funny about traveling - you are always surrounded by people in airports and on planes, but you are effectively alone. Then, in your hotel, you are alone as well. When you are hundreds of miles from home, by yourself, you don't have the normal "things" that you have to do. So while the travel times themselves may seem very busy, the activities aren't the same and actually tend to drag. At least that's been my experiences over the past 15 years...

So this week, being back in the office everyday and being with the family outside of work, I have had a lot more to do. I'm not saying that's bad... I love being busy with my family way more than being alone on travel. I'll take picking my daughter up from gymnastics over a layover in ATL any day. Driving a few kids around to activities like choir and Girl Scouts tops driving the convertible rental car from the airport to the hotel and back. I think you see what I mean...

So, to modify a work out phrase: "It's a good kind of busy"....

Being busy this week, though, did not include doing any sort of real exercise. No walking. No time at the gym. About the closest thing I did was run my mouth... Fortunately, at this stage of the game with trying to lose weight, exercise isn't always required for me to actually lose anything. I have a feeling the day is coming soon where I will have to make exercise a daily activity or I'll be faced with some drastic, and hard to live with, changes in eating. That being said, let's se what the scale said this morning:


I really liked seeing that number go below 290. Just over a year ago, I joined in with some other folks (via Twitter and the web) in a friendly game of "lose 9lbs before 09". My goal then was to get below 290. I didn't make it back then. But I have now! And it feels good!

Before my trips last week, I was getting my clothes together to pack and I looked at my suit. I thought, "I better try this on before I just pack it." Good thing I did. The pants almost feel off! I told my wife that I needed to head out to the store and buy a couple of pairs of pants so I didn't embarrass myself at the client's office. I started trying on pants and found that I needed 2 sizes smaller than what I wore 3 months ago... Then, this week, I realize that the belt I wear with my jeans wasn't really doing its job too well. I found that I was at the last notch and it would go any smaller. So, back to the store for a belt (actually two, one brown and one black). I have to say that those were two of the nicest clothes shopping trips I've taken in a long time. Aside from spending the money, I'm actually looking forward to making a trip for some new jeans in the near future.

Now, before I go spend all my money on clothes, I'm going to send some to If you've been reading along, you know that I pledged to donate $1 per pound lost until Nov 16th as a part of The total of my pledges plus the pledges of others supporting me can be seen in the box in the right side bar. I'll be making a donation for that amount next week.

But, honestly, I'm not going to stop. I'm going to keep my pledge going until October next year when I turn 40. If you feel like being a sponsor for with me, just let me know and I'll add your pledge to the totals starting next week. You can leave comments on this post, or you can email me (address at the top right), find me on Facebook or Twitter. Just let me know.

God bless.

Photo courtesy of LotusHead