Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Positively Beautiful

It's Tuesday and you know that means it's time to be positive.

In the summer of 1996 I lived in Hampton, VA and worked for a Defense contractor building software and systems. I was a bachelor living in a big (rented) house with 2 of my fellow software developers (and Clemson grads). Life went something like this:

Work 9 - 10 hours a day Mon - Fri. Play golf and or basketball once or twice a week. Happy hour until around 11:00pm on Thur. Happy hour until around 3:00am on Fri. Saturday's were for whatever but often included a men's soccer league game. Sat nights often included a party at the big (rented) house. Sunday mornings were for sleeping and Sun afternoons were games for the U-15 boys soccer team I coached.

Week in and week out. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Ah, good times.

In July '96, I went with a few friends to Virgina Beach to watch them play in their women's soccer league game. We all planed to go out afterwards (it was Thursday, you know). Before the game began, I noticed one of the women on my friends' team during warm-ups. It was pretty clear that this girl could play soccer. During the game, she dominated the midfield, embarrassed the other team's defenders, and shell-shocked the poor goal keeper. 90 minutes and 3 goals later, I learned her name was Kim. 6 hours later we were the only ones left sitting at the table we all had dinner at.

12 years later and I'm more in love with her than I've ever been.

You see, we got married a couple of years later and have been sharing our life, love, and faith with each other everyday. She is an incredible woman that I, and so many others who don't even know it, owe so much to. She encourages me, has faith in me, is strong for me when I can't be, is a wonderful mother to our girls, is a great friend (and my best friend), and supports me even when she sometimes doesn't understand me.

I almost can't remember the times before we were together. I'm pretty sure I don't want to.

Kim, I love you. Thank you for all you do for our family. I'm honored to be your husband.