Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Positively Youthful

Brody started it (and maybe changed the rules some) and I've been slack about keeping up. So today, I want to tell you about someone who means a lot to some special folks.

We have a Youth Director at our church by the name of Kari. Kari is a great person with a passion for reaching young folks and modeling how Christ works in her life. She has been with our church for a few years now (going on 4 maybe?) and has, in my opinion, made a huge impact.

I had the distinct pleasure of going along with Kari on a youth mission trip to DC this past summer. My respect for her abilities, her faith, her passion, and her love for these kids went up a lot. Since then, I've gotten involved in the High School youth Sunday School and become a youth adviser. All as direct result of Kari's passion and work.

Recently, we've had a vacancy on staff at the church and Kari has stepped up to help fill the void while we find a new staff member. Even with the extra work, she has not faltered in her work for and with the youth. Kari's dedication to her calling from the Lord and her mission to live out that faith through serving Christ through serving the youth is truly an inspiration to me. And others I hope.

Thanks Kari.


John said...

thanks for the follow! hi-tech redneck is an interesting title...

Bubba said...

Hey John, thanks for dropping by. I use Hi-tech redneck because I develop software and system architecture for a living and I'm a "good ole boy" from South Carolina.

That, and Twitter's 140 char limit makes you get creative.