Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Other Things Must Change

As you may know by now, I have decided that there are some things that must change in my life. One thing specifically is my overall health and that means I need to lose weight. Not just the "Freshman 15" I picked up 20 years ago, but the other 100+ that joined those guys since then...

But I realized that it can't just be about me. Through a friend and other folks out there, God has put it on my heart to try to make a difference beyond my own reach as well. So I'm jumping on the wagon with ThisMustChange.org. The basic plan is that I will donate $1.00 per pound I lose to one of the great causes they are sponsoring.

And here is where you come in: all of these causes can use more support. And so can many other causes. So let's band together to help them out. I want YOU to sponsor me in this effort. It can be $1.00 per pound like I'm going to do. It can be any amount you want. It can even be as simple as donating 2lbs of food to the local food pantry for every 6lbs I lose. Be creative, but please help.

I'll be donating for the entire period of 80-60-40 (until the end of Oct 2010). You can add your support for some or all of the weeks. You decide.

If you want to help out, please leave a comment on any of the 80-60-40 posts on my blog. Or you can leave me a message on Facebook. Or you can find me on Twitter. Or even email me (see top of left sidebar).

I've chosen to support Love146.org in their efforts to stop slavery and human trafficking. Here's some info on their organization:

Slavery is a prison of injustice.

And it’s alive and well in our time.

These statistics are startling and heartbreaking:

  • 27 million people enslaved around the world
  • World’s 2nd largest criminal venture (32 BILLION dollars)
  • Estimates say 2 children sold every minute into human trafficking and sex slavery.

The vision of LOVE146.org is the abolition of child sex slavery and exploitation. Nothing less.

That’s a fight worth fighting!

To work to that end, they provide aftercare for the children who have been trapped in this horrific industry as well as prevention programs to bring awareness to the issue.

So please, help join the fight and support more than just me in this effort.

Photo credit to PorcelainB


Greg said...

That is GREAT! It's a great challenge. What I have found is that it truly becomes about others and not me even though I'm losing the weight. I can't wait to hear about those getting involved with you!

Mary Beth said...

Way to go Bubba! I am supporting the effort as well. Appreciate your way of making it about others. You have such a big heart! ~UNLG hugs

Bubba said...

Greg, Mary Beth,
thanks for your support. If following Christ hasn't taught me anything else, it has taught me that it cannot be about me.

Thanks again. -Bubba